Health & Medical Information


At the time of enrolment, parents are asked to indicate what steps they would like taken in the event of emergency, illness or accident. Children with severe medical conditions must arrange an Emergency Action Plan with the school. Please notify the office as soon as possible if there are any changes to these records.


In the event of accidents occurring at school, the injury is at first assessed and treated by the first aid officer. Parents will be immediately notified of injuries to the head, teeth, eyes etc. In the event of a serious injury, the ambulance will be notified and parents advised as soon as possible. It is therefore extremely important for parent records to be as accurate as possible at all times. A number of staff members have senior first aid qualifications as per statutory regulations.


The school complies with Queensland Department of Health regulations in this regard. If you are uncertain we can provide details of the regulations in respect of a particular illness. If any doubt arises as to the interpretation of regulations it is the written advice of a registered medical practitioner which is accepted, by the school, as the final arbiter.  Please refer to the Exclusion Periods for Infectious Diseases produced by the Queensland Department of Health.


In order to comply with government regulations we are required to comply with the following procedures for administering any medicines to students during the school day.

The medical profession is aware that medication should be prescribed for administration to students during school hours only when absolutely necessary. Strict guidelines apply with respect to teachers administering medication at school.

  • School staff can only administer medication on receipt of a written request from you and the regulations state that this should be for each separate occasion (i.e. day). Medication is usually administered by the Administration Officer at the Office.
  • The instructions on the medication need to indicate specific times at which medication is to be administered. (It is the responsibility of the Pharmacist, at the medical practitioner's direction, to ensure this information is provided on the medication if this information is not provided on the container.)
  • Generally, you are requested to supply only the correct quantity of medication to be administered that day.
  • The medication must be kept in the office, not by the student.