Mission Statement

We, the community of
Our Lady's Catholic Primary School
strive to bring light of Jesus Christ to the world
by walking His way,
telling His truth and
living His life.

School Motto

"Light Tomorrow with Today"


2022 - 2024 Priorities  

  • To improve and ensure that our Indigenous students and families are receiving the best support available and are connecting with their cultural identity to enhance their wellbeing across all aspects of their schooling.   

  • Catholic Identity- For the school to nurture and develop a symbolic and interpretive approach of their faith based on the significant presence of the Literal Believing attitude among the students. 

  • To improve teacher competence to use the data collected to differentiate for students (lower and higher learners) within the classroom environment to enhance student learning   

  • To develop a Student Wellbeing School Based Framework putting our students first and foremost in everything we do.

  • Teaching & Learning
    • Purposeful Reading Instruction
    • Word Study Through Inquiry


85 Eagle Street, Longreach  Q  4730
Email: oll@rok.catholic.edu.au
Phone: 07 4994 8375 


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